Student Charge Dates

Spring 2020

First date to charge at the Bookstore
Last date to charge or refund for:  
18-week, 16-week, & A-block students January 28th
14-week students February 7th
B-block students March 13th
Welding Specialists January 9th
Last day to Opt-Out of AutoAccess for:  
18-week, 16-week, & A-block students January 23rd
14-week students February 4th
B-block students March 10th

Charging to Student Accounts at the OTC Bookstore

Just as you would charge your tuition and other fees onto your student account, you may also charge textbooks and course materials required for courses you are enrolled in.

Non-required supplies may also be charged to your student account and paid for using My Payment Plan, up to a limit of $200.

 ***You are required to register for a Payment Plan each semester***

Once you have enrolled in a Payment Plan, you are welcome to come by the OTC Bookstore during the designated dates (listed above) to charge your textbooks, as well as supplies, clothes, and many other materials. When you are ready to check out, simply present your OTC SmartCard, and we can charge to your student account. From there we will only need your signature, and you can be on your way. Payment on your account will take place per your My Payment Plan agreement.

Please visit the My Payment Plan page for further information.