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  • Make sure pop-up blockers are disabled (Chrome, Firefox) - Often course materials open in a new window. If a pop-up blocker is enabled, it may cause the material to be blocked.
  • Give a different web browser a try - Chrome or Firefox are recommended for accessing course materials, or e-text. Safari and Edge don't always work well; if at all.
  • Clear your web browser cache (Chrome, Firefox) - Cache should be cleared regularly to increase the performance of your device, and to reset any site data.
  • Canvas App - If you are using the Canvas App, and having issues, make sure your default web browser on your device is set to Chrome (iPhone/iPad, Android) or Firefox (iPhone/iPad, Android). Access the materials from Canvas directly: or through MyOTC.
  • Use another device - Sometimes the device is the issue. Test out another!

If after trying ALL options listed above, course materials remain unavailable, please contact your instructor.